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The work is the result of winning an open competition held by Station Narva festival for the art installations aimed to illuminate the territories of the abandoned Kreenholm Factory during the night tours.

The town is at the edge of a big transformation, on both physical and mental levels. What often gives people the motivation to act is the past success, the memories of Narva as of a historically-important place.
The idea is to express the throughts and dreams about the future.
Creating the mysterious route that calls for interaction and experience of lively enviernment that seems breathless at the firsht sight.


Concept, curatorship, autorship, production


Co-author: Karl Johanson
In collaboration with Station Narva festival

Aug 2019 /  Narva, Estonia

To notice life in something perceived as finished or dead.

To observe and to listen carefully and to follow the path through
something not anymore existing to something newly emerging.

To indicate the potential, to grow the intrigue of what’s next.

Noticing the generative death, giving birth to a new life.