With FORMÉS, we decided to shoot the editorial on the locations nearby Narva, the hometown of the brand and its founders. These are the places remembered from childhood, which played a conceptual role in the DNA of the brand*.
In a Search of Integrity* we looked at these places as the starting point through the lenses of both nastalgic memories and the ideas representing the moment of nowness**.


‘Searching Integrity’ is the title of the collection shooted.

** According to the words of the brand founders: ‘The fundamentals of FORMÉS are inspired from the origins of the brand founders - life on the border of times, countries and mentalities: what it means to be born in Estonia at the times it was still a part of the Soviet Union, having Russian roots, and living in the times of world globalization.’


Art direction, set design, production


In collaboration with photographer Johhan Kööp aka @kanaliha and FORMÉS Team

Aug 2020 /  Narva, Estonia