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(the title, inspired by the namesake social network that was popular in 00s, hints on the individual experience)

I speculate on the conditions of an utopian world where I don’t need to go outside anymore. As a human within a physical body, to be able to relate to such a modified habitat, I am forced to blur the boundaries and look for new ways to adapt. Living in two parallel realities: the one behind the screen and my physical home, slowly merging into one. Where does one start and the other finish? What is the minimum for a never-ending home space?

To better understand the connecting points, I find it useful to examine the meaning of the virtual (as something only appearing to be, but not existing) in a broader sense. In other words, to view the virtual forms that are not digitally created, nor represented by digital means. Using a more familiar virtual space as a model, I can draw parallels with digital virtuality. Such seeming forms can be, for instance, a textual representation, a drawing or such heterotopias as a mirror or a Persian rug.

The project is a series of speculative and ironic proposals on semi-materialization of the space we all have been to but never experienced physically. An augmented reality that’s on the conjunction of material and ephemeral, metaphorical and literal.


Authorship, production,


The textual rug is created
in collaboration with Christopher

Visuals for the ‘going-outside’
video are made in collaboration with Johann Kööp aka @kanaliha

Speacial thanks to Vent Space
for the residency opportunity.

April 2021 / Tallinn, Estonia