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(from Utkatasana in yoga,
traslated as a Fierce Pose aka Chair Pose)

Sit straight
Stay still
Bring down your temper
Practice it daily

Are those friendly reminders or some kind of orders?

A major part of our daily routines consists of sitting: we sit at school lectures, at an office, we sit having a meal, and then on the couch when we arrive home. Most of the time, we must sit still for hours.

For people with even a minor ADHD, sitting for a long time might feel like a torture. 
Through the seating is not a punishment in itself, the design is a speculation on the topic of pain from being always seated: the shape is inspired by a torture chair from the middle ages - something that was designed to cause pain.

Despire its fierce form, the chair materiality hints on softness and comfort, just as an idea of yoga or meditation calls on thoughts of relaxation. Although, It takes strenght and good concentration to prac- tice the Utkatasana (the Chair Pose) in yoga - it is not an easy pose, and to keep it for a longer time will take an effort.

The Fierce Pose Chair, created according to the human body measure- ments, keeps body angles at 90 degrees. Thanks to the massive format and therefore the great possesion of space, the chair forces to
Sit straight, Stay still, Bring down the temper, Inhale, Exhale, Concenrate, Meditate and to Practice it daily.


Authorship, production,
art direction, set design


Photography and retouch
by Johann Kööp aka @kanaliha

Speacial thanks to Reede.

December 2020 / Tallinn, Estonia