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ERKI Moeshow

To describe the spatial concept, the term ‘transparency’ could be the keyword:  we wanted to draw attention to the things thatoften stay in the background in everyday life, but in fact, are everywhere around us. 

Security cameras:
17 old cameras on the location (including the ticket control station, bar, catwalk, bathroom) and a sculpture of a massive camera in the main show room.

A ‘control room’ installation. 
During the show,  videos were recorded (both at the stage and  the backstage) and displayed on the screens  of the control room in real time as well as shown on projections above the catwalk.  We tried to create a sense that the audience  and models were constantly monitored.    

Mirroring monitors.
For the bathroom, the mirrors were installed inside the old monitors.

Stage design.
The catwalk is located on bothsides of the partition wall. Through the open doorways  in the partition, the audience had an opportunity to ‘spy’  on what’s going on the other side of the catwalk.

Transparent plastic film was used as curtains to separate the space and to navigate people inside it.


Concept, curatorship, autorship, production


Co-author: Karl Johanson, Marlene Kirt
Mentor: Ulla Alla
In collaboration with EKA

May 2018